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Vertical Type Vacuum Packaging Machine

Short Description:

  • Model: DZ-600L
  • Induction: This is a machine suitable for packing small bags of food, such as peanuts, rice, cashew nut, etc. A uniform package appearance is achieved by pouring the food into a vacuum-bagged mold to shape the vacuum bag. The biggest advantage of the machine is that it can pack multiple small bags at the same time. Besides, the machine is vertical, it can pack food contains some moisture. This is also something that tabletop machine can’t do.
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    The principle of vertical type vacuum packaging machine is the same as the tabletop machine. But for different packing situation, users can choose different vacuum packaging machines. If food is granular food or food contains some moisture, users can purchase vertical type vacuum packaging machine.

    Work Flow

    Vertical Vacuum Packaging Machine Work Flow


    Step 1: Turn on the power supply and open the lid


    Step 2: select a suitable vacuum packing bag for the product, put the food into the bag


    Step 3: Set the processing parameter and the sealing time


    Step 4: Place the vacuum bag in the chamber


    Step 5: Close cover and the machine will pack automatically.


    Step 6: Take out the vacuum product.


    Vertical Vacuum Packaging Machine Advantage

    Keep fresh, extend shelf-life, improve the product level.

    Save labor cost

    Be more popular with customers

    Be suitable for many vacuum bags

    High efficiency ( about 120 bags per hour-only for reference)

    Tech Specs

    Technical Parameter of the Vertical Vacuum Packaging Machine

    Vacuum Pump 20 m3/h
    Power 0.75/0.9 KW
    Working Circle 1-2 times/min
    Net Weight 81 kg
    Gross Weight 110 kg
    Chamber Size 620mm×300mm×100mm
    Machine Size 680mm(L)×505mm(W)×1205mm(H)
    Shipping Size 740mm(L)×580mm(W)×1390mm(H)

    Product Sketch



    Full Range of Vision Vertical Vacuum Packaging Machine

    Model No. Size
    DZ-500L Machine:550×800×1230(mm)


    DZ-630L Machine:700×1090×1280(mm)


    DZ-600L Machine:680×505×1205(mm)


    Material & Application

    Vacuum Packaging Sample

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