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What is the Modified Atmosphere Packaging?

Modified Atmosphere Packaging, which is also called MAP, is a new technology for fresh food preservation and adopts a protective mixture of gas( carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, etc.) to replace the air in the package.
Modified atmosphere packaging uses the different roles of various protective gases to inhibit the growth and reproduction of most microorganisms that cause food spoilage, and reduce the respiration rate of active food (plantfoods such as fruits and vegetables), so as to keep food fresh and prolong the preservation period.

As we all know, the proportion of gases in the air is fixed. 78% of Nitrogen, 21% of Oxygen,0.031% of Carbon dioxide, and other gas. MAP can change the proportion of gas by the mean of artificial means. The effect of carbon dioxide is that restrains the growth of bacteria and fungus, especially during the initial phase of its growth. Gas containing 20%-30% of carbon dioxide positively controls the growth of bacteria in an environment of low temperature, 0-4 degrees. In addition, nitrogen is one of the inert gases, it can prevent the oxidization of foods and inhibit mold growth. The effect of oxygen for food is color keeping and inhibits the reproduction of anaerobic bacteria. Compared with vacuum skin packaging from the angle of color, MAP’s color-keeping effect is obviously greater than VSP’s. MAP can keep meat bright red, but the meat will become lavender. This is the reason why many customers prefer to MAP food.

The advantages of the MAP machine
1. The human-computer interface is composed of PLC and a touch screen. Operators can set the control parameters. It is convenient for operators to control and has a low failure rate.
2. The packing process is that vacuum, gas flush, seal, cut, and then pick trays up.
3. Our MAP machines’ material is 304 stainless steel.
4. The structure of the machine is compact and easy to operate.
5. Mold is customized, according to tray size and shape.


Post time: Apr-20-2022